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Friday, July 09, 2004

Leftists Degrade Wounded Vet in Parade -- Organizer Justifies It

Baby killer!


Those were the words that greeted Jason Gilson as he marched in the Fourth of July parade on Washington State's Bainbridge Island carrying a sign that read "Veterans for Bush." He was booed and insulted by the crowd, and verbally degraded by the parade announcer.

The response of the parade organizer?
I'm sure it wasn't so much directed at the kid as it was the president. A soldier with a sign represents that.

I'll be staying far away from Washington, as it represents the nadir of Kerry's America.

And since the leftists find such stuff acceptable, I'll be making up my "Kerry is a War Criminal" sign

UPDATE: I love it when a little light shed on the situation gets apologies from the wrong-doers.


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