Precinct 333

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Stop enforcement of non-existent laws!

Photographers around the country are being harassed by police and Homeland Security officials for violating the law against photographing government buildings and facilities. One slight problem -- there is no such law. This isn't about national security -- it is more a sign of paranoia on the part of a few law enforcement folks.

Frankly, there are lots of places open to the public which provide a wide-open view of sensitive facilities. I live less than two miles from a sensitive industrial area, and cross the Houston Ship Channel daily. I could be to Johnson Space Center in less than fifteen minutes -- under ten if I just slip on my sandals and catch every traffic signal. All these places can be observed from public streets and parks, and easily photographed. What's more, there isn't anything particularly suspicious about doing so, absent some other thing to flag the activity. To harass people for taking pictures in public places is absurd.


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