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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"Mother Teresa" Does It Again!

She's called President Bush and Vice President Cheney "un-patriotic". She's told a reporter to "shove it" for daring to ask her about the meaning of a speech. Now she's said that a second term for George W. Bush would be "four more years of hell." And for the third time, John Kerry has indicated that "she speaks her mind and she speaks the truth."

When are the going to rein-in this out of control mouth? And when will the media make an issue of it as big as they would if Laura Bush were making such comments -- or as they made of the college drinking escapades of the Bush daughters?

And in a matter that will likely not be reported, apparently Kerry thugs roughed up Bush supporters at the rear of the Milwaukee rally. As the GOP-backers stood on a bridge holding signs, Kerry supporters tried to block them with signs of their own. A scuffle later broke out as the Kerry backers tried to knock Bush signs out of the hands of Bush supporters and into the water below. Teresa Kerry encourages such incivility by her demonization of anyone who opposes her or her husband. And those, I daresay, are "un-Pennsylvanian and sometimes un-American traits" entering into this campaign.


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