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Saturday, September 18, 2004

And Here I Thought Objective Journalists Didn't Make Political Donations

We're always told that reporters, editors, and other involved in journalism shouldn't endorse candidates or give donations. Dan Rather broke that rule in Austin a few years ago, but claims it was an accident.

Well, given the current controversy caused by the use of forged and false documents by CBS News, let's see what the employees of that organization are doing politically.
CBS News-ers have donated $17,050 to federal candidates and political action committees since 1982. Of that amount, $10,800 was for Democrats and the DNC; $3,500 went to Lenora Fulani's wacky New Alliance Party; and only $2,750 went to the GOP. The biggest individual recipient was Fulani, who received $3,500 from a CBS News staffer back in the 1980s. The second highest was Sen. Hillary Clinton, who took in $2,250 from three CBS News employees. Among the CBS contributors: the late Charles Kuralt, who gave $1,000 to Harvey Gantt for Senate in 1996; David Garfinkle of "60 Minutes," who gave $1,000 to Bill Bradley's presidential campaign; and "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft, who gave $300 to Ham Fish, Jr.'s race for Congress in 1994.

Now you might argue that these are old donations, not current ones, but notice one significant fact -- the Republican party received less than the New Alliance party of left-wing crackpot Lenora Fulani! Is it that GOP employees are more scrupulous about ethics, or that they are non-existent?


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