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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

DFL Distributes Bush/Hitler Bumper Sticker

We Republicans have been held responsible for the speech of groups we do not control. We've also were told that there was a proven link between the Swift Vets and the GOP because someone dropped of a hand-made flier at GOP headquarters promoting an event that some of the vets would be appearing at.

Well what about this? A sticker reading "Bush/Cheney - Most hated world leaders since Hitler" was distributed by Democrat Farmer Labor Party state headquarters in Minnesota. Even when they were removed from view, one GOP visitor to the office was still able to get one from office staffers.

Minnesota Republicans are outraged.
"DFL Party Chair Mike Erlandson must immediately cease the distribution of these hateful bumper stickers," GOP Chairman Ron Eibensteiner said Wednesday.

THe DFL, on the other hand, acted as typical leftist do by blaming the victims of their smear campaign.
"These kinds of shenanigans by the Republican Party only prove the point that George Bush has no record to run on, so his party will employ games to distract our attention away from the real issues facing Minnesotans," Erlandson said.

In other words, I stand by the message of the bumper sticker, and am mighty angry that the GOP caught me and decided to go public with the party's actions.


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