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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kerrys Among Richest Americans, Pay Little In Taxes

For all Joh Kerry complains about the Bush tax cut, he is more than willing to take advantage of it. Records released today show that they not only avoided paying the highest tax rate by using shelters and otehr loopholes, but they actually paid a lower percentage than the average Middle Class American Kerry professes concern for.
John and Teresa Kerry last year paid only 12% in income taxes. Apparently, Kerry, who rakes in just over $158,000 a year as a U.S. Senator, and his Heinz-heiress wife don't consider themselves "rich."

And it gets even more interesting when one looks at Kerrys state tax returns. Americans for tax Reform
also noted that "John Kerry has declined to pay a small, voluntary tax in his home state. The Massachusetts state income tax code contains a provision allowing payers to contribute an extra .6% of their income to benefit the commonwealth. Kerry has consistently failed to pay the extra money, which would have amounted to $687 dollars last year."

I guess that means that even though you don't need that tax cut, you are still greedy enough to keep it instead of giving it back to the federal government or even to the Massachusetts government. Hypocrite!


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