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Friday, October 01, 2004

Will They Punish Us With Nude Pictures Of Leonard Nimoy?

A Canadian Judge has banned United Federation of Planets representative Reni Sentana-Ries, Grand World Councillor, Lion of Judah and Guardian of the Arab Prophetess Uthrania Seila, has been banned from using the Internet. The Starfleet emissary, more mundanely known as Reinhard Mueller of Edmonton, is accused of violating hate speech laws by promoting racial hatred of Jews.

Here's where the case gets interesting.
While Mueller has denied the charges, Judge David McNab made it a condition of his bail which forbids him from using the Internet.

Mueller objected saying access to the Internet is a right of all citizens of earth and said he needs it to research his defence. McNab said there were other avenues available for him to do legal research.

Mueller’s defence is original. According to court documents Mueller will claim that there was no problem with his site until he demanded the removal of the monetary system and insisted people comply with the universal order of stellar economics.

In another excerpt, Mueller warns that if the new economic world order isn't implemented will earn judgment from the Starfleet Commanders on your leadership heads!

Let's stipulate that this guy is a real nutjob. That said, I'm much more concerned about judges restricting access to the fastest growing technology and the threat to free speech than I am about some whacked out guy spouting insane "prophecies" on his website. My concern is that these "hate speech" prohibitions are going to work their way into American law, especially if we allow folks on the left to regain political power. After all, they would likely classify most of Christian teaching as "hate speech" and shut down most conservative talk radio under the same rubric.

So I'm going to hope that Mueller manages to "live long and prosper," because in this case "the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many". . . even if that seems illogical.


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