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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Did I Miss The Repeal Of The First Amendment, Part I

Students at Arizona State University are fighting for recognition as a campus organization. They are seeking to form a chapter of the Christian Legal Society, which is a conservative Christina group that "interprets its statement of faith to require that officers adhere to orthodox Christian beliefs, including the Bible's prohibition of sexual contact between persons of the same sex."
"A person who engages in homosexual conduct or adheres to the viewpoint that homosexual conduct is not sinful would not be permitted to become a member or serve as an officer" of the group at Arizona State, the suit adds.

It goes on to say that a person who has engaged in homosexual acts but has "repented" or people who may have homosexual inclinations but do not act on those inclinations would be eligible for membership

Seems pretty simple to me. The group is founded for a specific purpose, with members voluntarily associating around a certain set of religious principles. Those who cannot or will not abide by those principles are not eligible for membership -- or leadership roles. This public university has no business attempting to make the group act otherwise.


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