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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Republicans To Fight Democrat Election Theft In Washington

Since the Supreme Court of the State Of Washington effectively ruled that there is no deadline for counting the votes,
"This count, this election, is not over," said Chris Vance, the chairman of the state Republican Party. The Supreme Court, he said, "basically threw the door open to start all over again. I think that's crazy."

Vance said Republicans planned to "show up at 9 a.m." today "on the doorstep of every county auditor with people whose votes weren't counted for Dino Rossi."

After all, that is the Democrat standard now.

Perhaps the first order of business of the state legislature needs to be to declare the office of governor vacant and re-run the election, since the Democrats have so polluted this one with questionable ballots and erroneous counts.


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