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Monday, January 17, 2005

Is Wisconsin Red?

John Kerry won Wisconsin by a hair more than 11,000 votes. Now it turns out that some 10,000 Election Day voter registration cards cannot be verified in Milwaukee alone. Yeah, that's right -- 10,000 people walked into polling places, filled out a card, were allowed to vote, and now the legitimacy of their vote cannot be verified. And that's just in Milwaukee, where there were some 83,000 same day registrations (which means that 20% of eligible weren't registered until election day in Milwaukee -- a shockingly high number). That doesn't include the rest of the state.

Now, if there are similar trends around the state, especially in liberal hotspots like Madison and Racine, there could easily be more unverified voters than the margin of victory for Kerry. Yet no outcry has arisen on the left, no shouts of voter fraud or demands for investigations to determine whether the integrity of the voting process was compromised in Wisconsin. The Greens and the Libertarians, more than willing to question Bush victories in Ohio and New Mexico, didn't question this much closer and much more questionable Kerry victory. Have we reached a point in this country where even overwhelming Republican victories are presumed invalid, while fraud-tainted Democrat victories are assumed to be legitimate.

Dirty Harry over at Stranded on Blue Islands also discloses that the Racine City Clerk is stalling the release of voter records to Racine County GOP officials (these are public records -- anyone can request them) who are planning to crosscheck those records with county death records, real estate transactions, and the state felon list. What are they trying to hide?


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