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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Problem Solved

I recently blogged on a story in which a trapped vacationer urinated his way out of his snow-covered car after being caught in an avalanche. Now I’ve found this story about putting snow to good, if unexpected, use.

Romanian firefighters managed to put out a fire in an apartment by throwing snowballs through the window.

They used snowballs because they could not got their fire engines close enough to the building in Sibiu.

Fire crews arrived within minutes of the alarm being raised by neighbours of the elderly woman who lived in the apartment.

But icy roads prevented them from getting close enough to the building to use their hoses so they resorted to desperate measures.

Chief firefighter Florian Chioar told National newspaper: "We had to do something because our cars couldn't get near that building. So we used the snow and put out the fire in about 30 minutes."

So remember, folks, that that delinquent that pegged you with a snowball isn’t really a delinquent – he’s practicing fire safety skills!


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