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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ain’t Sarcasm Fun?

How would you answer the question often posed by animal rights lunatics terrorists activists about how you can “kill and eat such a beautiful creature with a clean conscience”. Dr. Mike Adams has a great answer in his column today.

First, you need to decide whether venison is right for you. I would suggest starting with a rack of deer ribs that can be thrown on the grill the next time you decide to Bar-B-Q some chicken. Just douse the ribs with some KC Masterpiece Sauce and sprinkle them with Lowry’s Seasoning Salt. By the time you lay them all out, it will be time to flip them over. After you do, just pour any excess sauce on the ribs and cover them long enough to extinguish the flames. They should be ready within a few minutes. Just don’t overcook them and remember the following rule, Antonio: charcoal only, no gas grilling!

The column includes a recipe for a wonderful marinade, as well as some pointed comments about unsavory actions taken by PETA and other animal rights nutjobs supporters.


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