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Monday, March 21, 2005

Don’t Let The People Speak

The Tennessee Legislature has authorized a vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage. The ACLU of Tennessee has decided that it needs to spring into action.

The proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage that supporters say will keep the issue out of the hands of a judge is likely headed for a courtroom anyway.

Critics say they will sue to stop plans to amend the Tennessee Constitution, a day after the state House overwhelmingly approved the issue with the idea of putting it in the hands of voters in 2006.

The ACLU of Tennessee says it will pursue litigation to stop the gay marriage ban.

Right now, bans in Georgia, Kentucky and Nebraska are being challenged in court. But so far no court has overturned a proposed constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Representative Bill Dunn, a Republican from Knoxville who ushered the amendment through the state House, says he isn't surprised the ACLU plans on suing to stop the measure.

He says opponents lost in the Senate, the House and will lose with voters. He says their only recourse is to try a lawsuit.

Notice the difference. They are not going to challenge the wording. They are not going to challenge the procedures used. They are seeking to prevent the people from even voting. The official policy of the ACLU of Tennessee is the disenfranchisement of the citizenry if the ACLU opposes what they are voting on.


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