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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ACLU Declares Prayer 'Un-American And Immoral'

Well, we clearly know who the enemy is in this case.

ACLU of Louisiana executive director Joe Cook says it was “un-American and immoral” to allow an adult to pray over Loranger High School’s public address system.
Cook says members of the school board should be fined or jailed for failing to stop it.

Last month, the ACLU asked Judge Ginger Berrigan to hold the same school board in contempt for letting an elementary school student recite the Lord’s Prayer before its meeting.

Berrigan ruled in February that school boards, unlike most government bodies, cannot hold public prayers. That ruling was denounced by Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and is being appealed.

Now there may be a problem with the prayer before the game, based upon the Santa Fe case, but the court is probably wrong on the school board prayer ruling. There is no basis for excluding school boards from the same rules that apply to other elected bodies.

As for "un-American and immoral", I think that label is more accurately applied to the judge and the ACLU than it is to prayer.


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