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Friday, April 01, 2005

Dumb Comment Du Jour

I don't generally cover affirmative action bake sales any longer. While i think they are a great tool for making a point, the mere fact that one is controversial is not a big deal to me. One has to get shut down to really get my attention.

Or someone has to do/say something really stupid. Like this guy as Arizona State University.

Several students took on the [College Republicans] Tuesday. Many of them approached the booth screaming and accusing the club of being racist.

"They're [the club] trying to say affirmative action is based on race, but it's not," said Juan Fortenberry, a kinesiology freshman.

Uh, Juan, can we talk? Affirmative action is exclusively based upon race and ethnicity. It is the giving of preferences, based upon race and ethnicity, to applicants who would not otherwise be considered for employment or admission. Even if we reverted back to its benign form, as opposed to today's malignant version, it would still be about taking steps to include candidates in the hiring/admissions pool based upon race and ethnicity. What did you think it was, dude?

My guess is that Juan is a beneficiary of the program at ASU.


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