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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Racist Commies

Apparently American liberals are not the only folks on the Left who cannot stand the advancement based on merit of a conservative woman of color. It looks like Communists in Red China also dislike her, and they reviled her with racist and sexist insults on the closely monitored and regulated Chinese Internet following Rice's recent visit to China.

"She looks like an orangutan, and talks rubbish; send us a beautiful woman next time," stated one contributor to

"This black woman is not welcome!!!" stated another.

"She looks absolutely like a witch!" said a third.

Sounds like the sort of comments you would find on Demcratic Underground or other websites run by the "tolerant non-racist Left".

What other racist comments about the Secretary of State have been allowed to remain unmolested by the Yellow Menace? This is just a sample of the comments collected by one Chinese dissident about Dr. Rice.

"Black devil"; "black pig"; "black whore"; "black female dog"; "You're not even as good as a black devil, a real waste of a life"; "Her brain is blacker than her skin"; "Really ugly"; "The ugliest woman in the world".

You know, I wonder if these folks got their comments from the Democrats who tried to stop Condoleezza Rice's confirmation. After all, they are in character with what was said by the Senators and their surrogates.


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