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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Reagan bashing for experts

Ted Rall certainly went a bit “beyond the pale” in his comments on President Reagan. Mind you, I don’t think the man is above criticism. And as a student and teacher of history, I know that the historical record is always fit fodder for discussion. But sometimes you just need to stop and not speak. There will be time enough for the harsh words later.

The sad part is that Rall gets so much wrong in his rant. While some students felt that they were not threatened, others believed that they were. The fact that all those Cuban construction workers were armed with AK-47s certainly makes a case that the airport there was military in nature. And we won’t get into the fact that Grenadians still support Reagan, two decades after his intervention following a bloody coup on their country.

Reagan was responsible for Osama? Continuing a policy begun under Carter, we aided those who opposed the illegal Russian invasion of the sovereign nation of Afghanistan. I guess the continued oppression of a nation by communists didn’t matter much to Mr. Rall. And if we want to get down to brass tacks, I could point out which American president refused to accept offers from other nations to turn bin Laden over to the US following terrorist attacks during the 1990s.

Ted – I think it is more likely that you will be basted and browned over a brimstone-fueled fire.


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