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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dems Lose Second Religion Adviser

Maybe if they pick some who actually supported religion they wouldn't have this problem. I mean, let's get real here. The first wone chosen was Mara Vanderslice, a publicly avowed Marxist-Leninist with ties to anti-Catholic activities and organizations -- hardly the sort to be particularly acceptable to believers. You know, "opiate of the masses" and all that stuff. The Kerry campaign quickly silenced her.

Buth then they picked Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson, who as head of the left-wing Clergy Leadership Network. In that position she ran a group that argued that Jesus supported higher taxes as the way of ensuring that society cares for the poor, gay marriage, abotion, and increased secularism in American society. Hardly mainstream beliefs in America's Christian community, whether right, center, or left.

Congratulations to the Catholic League for riding this one down, and pointing out the continuing links of the Democrats to anti-Catholicism.


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