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Friday, August 20, 2004

Homosexual Seeks To Force Marriage On Catholic School

Seems like we have one more example of how the homosexual marriage debate is really about making a direct assault on orthodox Christianity. Doug Neff, a religion teacher at Oakland's Bishop O'Dowd Catholic High School was not renewed because of he and his partner went to San Francisco for one of the cities faux-marriages. Now he is trying to force the school to give him his job back.
"What kind of message does it send to students if a teacher loses his job because he's gay?" he asked.

I'll answer -- it sends the message that the Church really believes what it teaches about the sacrament of marriage.

And while Neff disclaims any intent of suing, that is belied by the (rejected) complaint he fired with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing . That indicates a propensity to take legal action here. Don't be surprised to hear that one activist group or another is filing suit on his behalf.

Religious institutions ought to be free to set their employment standards based upon religious criteria -- and that should not be limited by any statute, given the broad language of the First Amendment. I remember teaching at a Catholic school a few years ago and having language in my contract insisting that any marriage I enter be canonically valid, on pain of immediate termination. Conduct that caused scandal was also cause for dismissal. Seems to me that this guy crossed that line.

And as a religion teacher, he should know that.


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