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Monday, August 16, 2004

Of All The Arrogant Demands!

Omar Garcia is one of the damp-vertebraed invaders that crosses our borders on a regular basis. He is a criminal, violating our nation's immigration laws. And like so many criminals, he fell victim to another criminal, who stole his wallet and money. There would be nothing to report if that was it.

But the thief died in a drowning accident in the Rio Grande. Garcia's family was notified that, based upon the wallet, Omar was dead. They claimed the body and buried it on Thursday -- only to be called by their loved one on Saturday.

And now the family is mad -- at the US. For its trouble, they want financial restitution for the funeral expenses. And to have US authorities pick up the body and get it to the right family. Oh, yes, and legal status that will put him on the path to citizenship.

Family members at first said they planned to sue Texas authorities for negligence, but backed off that claim Monday evening. They said instead they'd prefer for Garcia to avoid deportation back to Mexico.

"The only thing I want is that they leave my son alone so that he can work," said Garcia's father, Omar. "I ask that they put his papers in order."

I've got a better deal for you. We'll ship your son back to you at your expense, waive criminal charges against him, and place him and the rest of the family on the immigration watch list so that you can never enter the US legally.

And then we seal our southern border with the troops being redeployed from Europe and Asia..


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