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Saturday, August 07, 2004

We Won't Hold Our Breath

There is at least one honest editorialist in the land. That soul works for the Bowling Green Daily News. I make this assertion because of an editorial which speaks the plain, unvarnished truth about the 9/11 report and the president. George W. Bush is owed an apology by a bunch of folks. What's more impressive, the editorial even names the names of some who need to start apologizing.

Who are the folks the editorial names?

Howard Dean.

Dennis Kucinich.

Al Gore.

Michael Moore.

John Kerry.

And in a conclusion that reflects my opinion to the last jot and tittle, the editorial says:
What is most disturbing about this is that it wasn’t just our intelligence that said there were WMD in Iraq. British, French, Russian, Jordanian and Egyptian intelligence all said that Hussein possessed WMD.

Even the United Nations, hardly a supporter of the war, concluded that Hussein had WMD.

The bottom line is that this was an intelligence failure.

For political figures to blatantly deny the findings of the Sept. 11 commission and continue to throw false allegations about Bush is sad.

In essence Bush deserves an apology, but from the field of those throwing the punches, it doesn’t seem likely.



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