Precinct 333

Saturday, August 07, 2004

I Like The Sound Of This

Chief Justice Clarence Thomas. It has a great ring to it. One more reason to support the president in November, despite bonehead moves like the one below.

Thomas is a scholar, writes fantastic opinions grounded in the Constitution and history, and is willing to challenge a precedent when it is wrong, even though it is old and venerated. After all, how many justices would be willing to say that Michael Newdow was right in his interpretation of SCOTUS jurisprudence on the Establishment Clause, but that the entire line of cases since Everson in 1947 had been wrongly decided and needed to be reexamined and overturned? Not one, for the rest voted to avoid the Pledge issue altogether.

A great man. We could, and have, done significantly worse.

And it would surely piss off the race-baiters and poverty-pimps of in the Democrat Party.


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