Precinct 333

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Schrock Quits

Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) resigned from Congress yesterday in the face of a accusations that he is a homosexual. The website has conducted a smear campaign against the congressman for the last few weeks, based on his failure to adhere to the gay agenda. It seems that the rights to privacy and freedom of conscience that the militant homosexual community demand are only available to liberals. After all, they felt no need to out a predatory homosexual like Jim McGreevey, merely someone whose politics they despise.

I'm deeply saddened by this development, because I knew Ed Schrock growing up. Ed and his wife, Judy, were neighbors when I was a kid. Judy was a teacher at my school, and I remember holding their son when he was just a few days old. They were, and I presume still are, good people. My prayers are with them at this difficult time.


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