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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Look Who Is Ahead In The Electoral College

According to CNN, it's George W. Bush who is ahead in the electoral college, with a 274-264 vote lead.

With the exception of Massachusetts neighbor New Hampshire, the president is holding on to every state he won in 2000. That said,
About a dozen states remain extremely competitive and are widely considered too close to call. Leading that list are Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Missouri, where Bush holds a narrow lead, as well as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Pennsylvania, which now lean toward Kerry.

West Virginia and Arizona are also competitive, but Democrats concede that those state now fall into the Bush column. Likewise, Oregon and Washington state could ultimately back either candidate, but Kerry is currently building a strong base of support in the Pacific Northwest.

The race in Ohio remains extremely fluid, and both campaigns remain highly organized in the Buckeye State. All four principals -- and most of their wives -- have campaigned there at least once over the past two weeks.

So there is hope -- because we haven't even gotten the convention bounce yet.


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