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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Parole Revoked For Marine's Killer

I blogged about the parole of white supremacist scumbag murderer Donald Worth Riley last month. He is one of the worthless pieces of of crap that murdered Marine Cpl. Tarron Dixon two days following his return from the Persian Gulf War in 1991, because they wanted to "f*ck with some niggers."

Well, the parole was revoked after board members followed state law and met with Dixon's parents, as requird by state law. A hearty "Well Done" to them.

Unfortunately, they granted Riley a short date for the next parole hearing -- meaning that he gets another chance for parole from his life entence next year. Which also means that Dixon's parents will again have to go before the board to oppose letting this scumbag out of prison early.

No word on what action will be taken to shorten the sentence of life without her father given to Dixon's daughter, who was born after his murder.

And Riley, I know you and your wife come nosing around here from time to time, as I DO check to see where visitors come from. If you REALLY have something to say that would present your side of the story, feel free to do it here -- if you have the guts to do so.


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