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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I Guess It Doesn't Count If The Victim Is A Christian.

We've all been bombarded with PC propaganda about the need to be sensitive to members of religious and ethnic minorities, as well as women and homosexuals. But it seems that such tolerance doesn't apply if you are a Christian. At least not in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, at MIT.

A devout Christian working at MIT claims co-workers wore phony clerical collars, called him Jesus and blasted the Rolling Stones' ``Sympathy for the Devil'' during a 15-year campaign of harassment and ridicule against him.
In a discrimination lawsuit pending in federal court, machinist Mark A. Peterson contends supervisors at the school's Lincoln Lab in Lexington joined the harassment, "openly telling jokes about God" and refusing to reprimand workers who spit in his coffee and left a noose on his workbench.

Now think about it -- what would happen to an emplyee who came to work wearing a turban or a burqa to harrass a Muslim employee? If a Hindu employee were refurred to as "Hare Krishna" in the workplace? And I don's need to guess about the noose, given that we had firings here in Harris County over one left in the locker of a black man.

But that isn't all.
"Employees and/or supervisors at MIT Lincoln Lab have harassed Peterson because of his religious beliefs (Christian), including assaulting him with a chemical, vandalizing and stealing his property, tampering with the machines he was working on and making verbal threats," the suit says

Furthermore, Peterson was forbidden to bring his Bible to work with him, a restriction which violates federal law.

Somehow I doubt that liberals are going to flock to this man's cause. And where are the prominent Massachusetts exponents of tolerance on this one?


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