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Monday, August 23, 2004

So THIS Is What She Meant By UnAmerican

You may remember that billionairess Teresa Heinz Kerry declared some of us to be "unAmerican" a few weeks back, and then told a reporter to "shove it" when he dared to ask what she meant. Well, we finally have the answer, through her son Chris Heinz.

According to Heinz,
"Un-American traits are things like voter suppression, lying about people and their records.... It's been happening in American politics for years; it's not just Bush-Cheney, but they are a big part of it...

Apparently he doesn't include multiple voting, dead voting, military vote suppression, and lying about the president's National Guard service to be unAmerican -- since these are all Democrat tactics. He even has the audacity to complain about the amount of money spent by th Bush campaign, despite the free access of Kerry surrogates to the Soros fortune.

And then, having complained about falsehoods about people and their records, Heinz said
"They have misled the American people on the economy and on the war, and someone has to point that out."
Which is, of course, a bald-faced lie about the Bush record.

But what REALLY rankles them?
"And I think what happened in Florida, with the vote count, what Bush and his supporters did there, was un-American, from beginning to end," Heinz said.
And so the big lie about the GOP, the President, and the Florida election continues -- but that isn't unAmerican, since only Republicans can be unAmerican, if you live in a Heinz Kerry sort of world.


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