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Friday, October 01, 2004

More Florida Vote Problems -- Courtesy Of Leftists

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood is reporting that tens of thousands of would-be voters who think they registered during independent voter registration drives may not be.

Some groups failed to complete sections of the registration forms that dealt with citizenship, mental competence, or felony convictions, rendering the applications void. Other groups are under investigation for committing fraud or trying to change party registration for some voters without informing them.

One leftist group is crying foul over Hood's directive that incomplete forms not be turned back over to groups to complete.
A group seeking copies of the incomplete applications in an effort to help people complete them said some counties turned over thousands of forms until Hood's office informed supervisors state law prohibits them from handing out copies of voter records except to specified groups, such as political committees and parties. Now the Washington-based Advancement Project isn't receiving any of the forms and fears thousands of people won't be able to vote.

"Clearly, way over the number that could determine the election," said Judith Browne, a lawyer with the group, which promotes multiracial participation in the democratic process. She was referring to President Bush's disputed 537-vote victory in Florida that gave him the presidency in 2000.

That group, America's Families United, has even sued (so far unsuccessfully) over the issue.
"It seems like every time that we try to take steps to help voters to make sure they get on the rolls and to make sure they are protected, the state and the counties put obstacles in the way," said Browne.

Yeah -- little things like THE LAW.

Of course, the leftists ignore the actions of Florida officials to remedy the problem.
Acting Duval elections supervisor Richard Carlberg said his office is trying to call the 1,441 applicants to let them know they won't be able to vote unless the forms are completed, but said many of the phone numbers on the forms aren't working numbers.

Hood said her office is only trying to help elections supervisors follow the law and that incomplete forms must be rejected.

Hood recommended that people who were registered by a group instead of at their county elections office check to make sure they were actually registered. She also said anyone registering to vote outside a county office should double check to make sure all information is accurate, forms are completely filled out and that the group plans to turn the applications in before midnight Monday.

Individuals taking responsibility and initiative to ensure that they are properly registered -- what a concept. The very notion of personal responsibility reeks of opposition to the Democrat Platform and must surely, somehow, discriminate against and disenfranchise minorities and octogenarian transplants from New York.


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