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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

India Rejects All Disaster Aid

America has offered $35 million in government aid, the EU $4.6 million, Isrrael has offered much in-kind and financial assistance and France has pledged $136,000. Other nations have promised help, and private organizations have swung into action, all in support of the relief effort in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami which has decimated Asia. One nation, though, claims it has the resources to deal with the crisis.
However, India has turned down all foreign aid because that nation claims it has "adequate resources" to provide relief, a government official said Wednesday.

India has been flooded with "generous offers of aid" from countries like Russia, the United States and Japan, a government official told the Agence France-Presse news service.

"In fact, all friendly nations have offered help, but we feel we do have the resources to handle the situation. If, at a later stage, we feel we need assistance, we will not hesitate to ask," said the source.

I find this interesting. How can a country that lacks the means to deal with its own crushing poverty be able to cope with a disaster like this?


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