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Friday, December 31, 2004

Serious Discrepancies In King County Vote

Gee -- why isn't Jesse Jackson protesting THIS election fraud?
The day after King County released a list of nearly 900,000 voters who cast ballots Nov. 2, Republicans prodded election officials to explain why the list appeared to have about 3,500 fewer names than the number of votes that were actually tallied.

In a response that all but said, "Settle down!" county officials stressed the list was preliminary, noting that records of voters who cast certain write-in ballots and people who wanted their addresses kept confidential still had to be reconciled with election data.

More votes than voters? Sounds like fraud to me. And that King County response sounds like an attempt to stall for time to fabricate records.

And what is this "wanted their addresses kept confidential" garbage? That thwarts teh ability of the public to verify that all voters are legal voters.

No wonder Rossi won't concede -- the only rational view of this election is that he won and the pro-Gregoire forces in King County stole it.


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