Precinct 333

Thursday, December 30, 2004

All He Lacks Is Evidence

Why didn't Jesse Jackson just slink off into a dark corner after he fathered his illegitimate child and funded the secrecy with charitible donations? Why does he have any remaining credibility?
Q: If the election were held again with these alleged problems solved, would Kerry win?

A: Of course I think that. If we deal with the anomalies, a fair random count, the urban-suppressed vote, Kerry would get at least 60,000 more votes. At least! I believe that. I don’t know that.

In other words, based upon your unsubstantiated belief we are supposed to overturn the results of an election?

Sit down. Shut up. Your 15 minutes were over long ago.

But then again, what do you expect of a man whose whole career is based upon his lie about the dying martin luther King and blood he wiped off the handrail after the assassination?


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