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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Democrat Dayton Done In 2006

He cloed down his Senate office because of fears of terrorism. He disgraced himself during the debate over the confirmation of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. And now he is a lame duck -- Senator Mark Dayton of Minnesota has announced he will not seek reelection to a second term in 2006.

Dayton said it has been a "tremendous honor" to serve the people of Minnesota for the past four years. However, he said he did not believe he was the best candidate to keep the seat in the hands of the Democrats.

"Everything I've worked for and everything I believe in depends upon this Senate seat remaining in the Democratic caucus in 2007. I do not believe that I am the best candidate to lead the DFL party to victory next year."

Fundraising was also a factor in the decision.

"I cannot stand to do the constant fundraising necessary to wage a successful campaign," Dayton said. "And I cannot be an effective senator while also being a nearly full-time candidate. Plus, I choose to devote all of my time and energy to the job Minnesotans elected me to do."

In 2000, Sen. Dayton contributed nearly $12 million dollars of his own money to his campaign.

Last month, the Associated Press reported Dayton raised $1.35 million last year, topping his goal of $1 million. However, he finished the year with only $177,000 in the bank.

Republicans need to move quickly to find a strong candidate to run for Dayton's seat. Names currently mentioned include Congressmen Gil Gutknecht and Mark Kennedy, as well as former Senator Rod Grams.

Heck, maybe the blogging world can spice things up. How about Lileks, King from SCSU Scholars, or one of the crew from Powerline? Come on, boys, here's your chance to turn blogging into the new frontier of American politics!


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