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Saturday, February 26, 2005

An Excellent Question

"Where have all the peaceniks gone?"

I've been wondering the answer myself. I mean, none of the "human shields" who went to Iraq to protect Saddam Hussein the Iraqi people from the US military have turned out to protect them from the terrorists insurgents who kill them daily.

Where are all the American and European anti-war activists? Here they are with the opportunity of a lifetime to make a meaningful contribution toward a more peaceful world, and all we hear from them is either a deafening silence or else the usual nonsense about the Bush administration being a gang of imperialist, oil-grabbing war criminals.

Why are these protesters, who are so readily energized when it comes to condemning President Bush and the United States, so silent about the vicious anti-democratic forces that are now committing assassinations, beheadings, kidnappings and murders by the hundreds in Iraq?

Surely the Christian- and Jew-hating terrorists who are committing such heinous acts would be completely demoralized if they were to witness millions of people around the world demonstrating against them. Surely such massive international protests would strike a powerful blow for peace.

But the silence of the anti-war groups is broken only by their wild conspiracy theories and their timeworn objections to the war in Iraq. A lot of good that does. The only beneficiaries of that misdirected behavior are the terrorist insurgents, whose only remaining hope is to create enough death and mayhem to weaken the resolve of the coalition member states to stand side by side with the courageous people of Iraq.

Maybe George W. Bush had it right when he said that people must either stand with the forces of freedom or the perpetrators of terrorism. Does their silence indicate which side the "anti-war" folks have chosen?


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