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Thursday, February 10, 2005

An Obscene Court Decision

Why would a court ever consider granting special privileges to a confessed child rapist?

FILM director Roman Polanski has won a bid to sue for libel in an English court via videolink in order to avoid the risk of extradition to the US for child sex offences.

In a ruling announced today, England's highest court overturned an earlier Court of Appeal decision that Polanski should be made to live by the "normal processes of the law".

Polanski, 71, who fled America more than 25 years ago after admitting having sex with a child, wants to sue US magazine Vanity Fair over an article he says defamed him.

In a case seen as a test of the rights of libel claimants to avoid having to appear in court to give evidence, Polanski is seeking to use the English courts for the libel action, which Vanity Fair's publishers Conde Nast are contesting.

Ordinary folks would have to appear in court in a lawsuit, but there seems to be a special exception here to prevent Polanski from being brought to justice.

The sick bastard entered a guilty plea to drugging and raping a 12-year-old in 1977, only to flea to France prior to sentencing. Because he is a French citizen, he cannot be extradited from France under French law.

And by the way, what did he do upon reaching France? He soon began a relationship with actress Nastasia Kinski -- who was 15 at the time.


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