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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sympathy For The Lawbreakers

The Naples Daily News provides one more example of what is wrong with the focus in discussion of our nation's immigration problem -- an over abundance of sympathy for the lawbreakers, and not enough concern for the law and its rationale. Take this quote from a woman whose husband has been detained by immigration authorities after ignoring a deportation order in 2003.

"I want to know why," she says, caressing her baby's back. "Why did they take him?"

Could it be because HE WAS BREAKING THE LAW?????????

Now tell me, would any paper be so daring as to run an article like this about the effect of arresting drug dealers, child molesters, or embezzlers? Would a media outlet be so concerned about the effects of the arrest of the operator of a chop-shop or brothel on his or her family? I don't think so.

When will people get it -- these are folks guilty of breaking the laws of the United States. They have no right to be in this country, and actions taken to return them to their homeland are a reasonable act of sovereignty on the part of the United States.

Does that mean that every person illegally here is a horrible person? No, it doesn't. They may be nice people like the fellow in this story, or they may be criminal scum like the Mexican gang-bangers who killed the daughter of one of my colleagues in a "just for fun" drive-by and then skipped south of the border to avoid punishment since Mexico won't extradite them. But regardless, they are not entitled to be here, and we need to make them leave by any means necessary. The hardship to them and their families is irrelevant.


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