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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Is Liberalism A Mental Disorder?

Seems to me that we are seeing more and more articles about deranged Democrats engaging in acts of violence against Americans who dare to disagree with their bankrupt views of the world. Here’s another one from, this one from Florida.

This week, a Tampa woman learned that simple Bush-Cheney bumper sticker can bring trouble, if not danger, from a total stranger.

Police say Michelle Fernandez, 35, was chased for miles Tuesday by an irate 31-year-old Tampa man who cursed at her as he held up an anti-Bush sign and tried to run her off the road.

His sign, about the size of a business letter, read:

Never Forget Bush's Illegal Oil War Murdered Thousands in Iraq.

"I guess this was a disgruntled Democrat," Tampa Police spokesman Joe Durkin said. "Maybe he has that sign with him so he's prepared any time he comes up against a Republican."

Police arrested Nathan Alan Winkler at his home on N Cleveland Street near Hyde Park within an hour of the incident.

After finding the antiwar sign in his car, they booked him into the county jail on one count of aggravated stalking, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison, Durkin said.

He posted his $2,000 bond and was released early Wednesday, jail records show. This was Winkler's first arrest in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

I see folks I disagree with on the road with their bumper stickers proclaiming their political ignorance. I avert my eyes and drive on. So do most Republicans I know. We don’t chase them for miles, honking the horn and trying to run them off the road. After all, we recognize that the First Amendment protects their right to express dumb sentiments.

I guess that is what differentiates conservatives from liberals – we believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we disagree, while liberals seek to hurt or kill those they can’t shut up through force of law.

Or maybe it is just that they are insane, and that insanity sometimes shows itself in acts of violence.


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