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Friday, March 11, 2005

Is THIS Enough To Fire Him

Let's ignore Ward Churchill's statements comparing the 9/11 victims to Nazi war criminals. Let's ignore the irregular process through which he obtained tenure. Let's ignore his retaliation via a lowered grade against a student journalist who wrote an unflattering article about him. Let's forget his acts of violence against others. Let's forget his deficient scholarship. Will something as clear and straightforward as plagiarism be sufficient to fire Ward Churchill?

University of Colorado officials investigating embattled professor Ward Churchill received documents this week purporting to show that he plagiarized another professor's work.

Officials at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia sent CU an internal 1997 report detailing allegations about an article Churchill wrote.

"The article . . . is, in the opinion of our legal counsel, plagiarism," Dalhousie spokesman Charles Crosby said in summarizing the report's findings.

Churchill did not return calls to his home or office Thursday seeking comment.

Dalhousie began an investigation after professor Fay G. Cohen complained that Churchill used her research and writing in an essay without her permission and without giving her credit. Although the investigation substantiated her allegations, Cohen didn't pursue the matter because she felt threatened by Churchill, Crosby said.

Crosby said Cohen told Dalhousie officials in 1997 that Churchill had called her in the middle of the night and said, "I'll get you for this."

Cohen still declines to talk publicly about her experience with Churchill, but she agreed the Dalhousie report could be shared with CU officials, Crosby said, because "whatever concerns she may have about her safety are outweighed by the importance she attaches to this information getting out there."

Crosby declined a request for a copy of the report but said it does not contain information about the alleged threat from Churchill.

It is not clear if CU officials are aware of the alleged threat. A CU spokeswoman said officials there would not comment on any matter related to an ongoing review of Churchill's work.

Academic and intellectual dishonesty, confirmed by qualified academics from another university, should be sufficient -- especially when one considers his threats against the victim of his scholarly theft.

Ward Churchill -- do not pass go, do not collect $10 million. You're fired!


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