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Thursday, March 10, 2005

When Will American Muslims Do The Same

After all, there has never been a formal declaration from Muslim religious leaders condemning terrorism as incompatible with the teachings of Islam.

Spain's Islamic Commission, which groups the nation's Muslim community, said it was issuing a fatwa against Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

'We are going to issue a fatwa (religious decree) against Bin Laden this afternoon,' Mansour Escudero, who leads the Federation of Islamic religious entities (Feeri) and co-secretary general of the Spanish government-created Commission told AFP.

The Commission invited Spanish-based imams to condemn terrorism at Friday prayers, when the whole country will be remembering the 191 people who were killed in the train blasts and the 1,900 injured a year ago.

The attacks have been blamed on mainly Moroccan Islamic extremists loyal to Bin Laden.
'We have called on imams to make a formal declaration condemning terrorism and for a special prayer for all the victims of terrorism,' Escudero said.

The Commission has also drawn up a document designed to 'thank the Spanish people and the government for their attitude towards Muslims' since last March 11, in particular for not taking 'disproportionate' measures similar to those which the Sept 11 attacks sparked in the US.

The Commission called on Muslims to take part in Friday's commemorative programme being organised by Spanish authorities and community groups and to work with them to ensure terrorism was defeated.

Interesting, isn’t it, that American Muslim groups are more interested in suppressing the free speech rights of other Americans, complaining about negative portrayals in the entertainment industry, and preventing scrutiny of the most likely terrorist suspects. Could it be that the major Muslim organizations in the United States are not working with our government to ensure terrorism is defeated?


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