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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

ADL To Texas GOP: Censor Nation's Christian Heritage!

Let's be honest about it. America was settled by Christians from its earliest days. All sorts of Christians to be sure, but Christians. Making such a statement does not denigrate the handful of Jews or practitioners of other religions who were present at the creation of the United States, but the foundation of America was a Christian event.

To that end, the Republican Party of Texas includes a plank acknowledging that America was founded as, and remains, a Christian nation. And the Anti-Defamation League has a problem with that. They label the recognition of the reality that America remains over 85% Christian as divisive.

What the ADL does not recognize is that the divisiveness comes not from the majority celebrating its heritage, but from the minority attempting to suppress such celebration. The very fact that this is a Christian nation is fundamental to the welcome and protection religious minorities have found here. Rather than enforce conformity of religion, we grant every believer the dignity of being permitted to follow their own free will in areas of religion.

Speaking as a Texas Republican, I would like to suggest that any ADL member uncomfortable with the Christian nation plank consider a move to Israel, where there is a perfectly good Jewish state for them. And when they get there, let them remember that it is only the good-will of the "intolerant" Christian United States that allows Israel to survive and thrive in the face of a sea of hostile Muslim neighbors.


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