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Monday, June 21, 2004

IMPEACH THIS JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a stunning act of arrogance, a federal judge has indicated he believes the George W. Bush is acting like Mussolini and Hitler!

Speaking before the ultra-liberal American Constitution society, Judge Guido Calabresi argued that the President was illegitimately placed in power by the Supreme Court, and then compared the means used to the methods used to get the two dictators into power. Furthermore, he argues that Bush is exercising "extorting power" in his conduct of the War on Terrorism -- and that he has no right to exercise any but the most basic functions of his office. Calabresi also declared that members of the public should expel Mr. Bush from office in order to cleanse the democratic system.

In doing this, the Judge indicates that he does not accept the decision of the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, and has demonstrated contempt for the President. It calls question his willingness to conform to decisions of the Supreme Court, and his impartiality in cases involving the Bush Administration. And the partisan nature of his call to overthrow the government during time of war borders on treason.

This is not the first time the Judge has overstepped his bounds. In a 2000 case, this partisan Democrat attacked then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani during his Senatorial campaign.

This guy has gotta go!


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