Precinct 333

Friday, June 18, 2004

Not free to disagree, part 2

Apparently our degenerate Democrat buddy, John Aravosis (try this address if you don't get a response to the one I linked earlier), doesn't want to limit his personal attacks on conservative gays and lesbians to members of the Bush and Cheney families. No, he wants to go after any gay member of Congress who supports the Federal Marriage Amendment, their gay staff members, and their gay associates/contributors. So does activist Mike Rogers, who views the right to privacy that he demands for homosexuals to be contingent upon their supporting the politically correct position on gay marriage.

Again, we see the hypocrisy of the Left. Rights, if you are a leftist, are contingent upon espousing the proper politics and causes. On the other hand, conservatives (or at least most of us) are content to respect privacy and struggles of gay and lesbian friends and family members provided they are equally willing to respect our beliefs about moral and legal questions surrounding homosexual conduct. But somehow WE are the intolerant ones.


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