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Thursday, June 17, 2004

NAACP Head: Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee.

The NAACP often bills itself as the nation's premiere civil rights organization. It certainly places itself in the forefront of the movement to protect the rights of Americans. Apparently, though, that is only the case if you are liberal, pro-abortion, and black.

Consider the case of Catholic University, the officially sanctioned school of the Catholic Church in the United States. A group of students petitioned CU for recognition of a campus chapter of the NAACP, as required by campus policy. After careful consideration, the University rejected the application on the grounds that another organization existed on the campus that focused on civil rights and African American heritage, and the fact that the NAACP is an active and vocal organization in support of abortion. It was the latter that became the sticking point for the school. And as a private Catholic university, that should be the end of matters.

Enter NAACP president Crazy N'Fuming. Not satisfied that the Catholic University of the United States has a right to be Catholic and insist that student groups do the same, he demanded a meeting with the university. Now he is threatening lawsuits and public protests -- all because a Catholic school is acting the way a Catholic school is supposed to act.

Apparently my mom's sarcastic comment was right all those years ago when I complained that her grounding me was a violation of my civil rights. You have no civil rights if you aren't black. That certainly seems to be the position of the NAACP.


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