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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Inappropriate Words and Conduct

We teachers do not tolerate some things. In this day of litigation over sexual harassment among students, we crack down on such conduct. We crack down (to varying degrees -- school isn't curse free by any means) on inappropriate language. But we recognize kids will be kids.

But TEACHERS??????????

Now I know that teachers are not angels. We've had kids catch on to "adult" relationships between teachers. I know one administrator who got locked into a closet with a married teacher (they are married now, working in different schools) and another who was caught with a secretary in his office by a janitor one night (neither employed by the district any longer). But with the exception of one married couple who walks down the hall holding hands, teachers at my school restrain themselves. Hey, when my wife used to substitute in my building, she used her maiden name -- until 8 months into the school year a kid noticed the woman across the hall looked an awful lot like the one in the wedding picture on my desk.

Looks like New Dorp High in New York has a pair of real peaches. The verbally abuse kids. They cuss in class. The grope in the hallway and make out in their classrooms. And then they tried to obstruct the investigation. Come on! I thought that we were all adults, and that we knew there are some basic rules of civil conduct you don't violate. Apparently these clowns don't -- or at least didn't.

The good news? Tenure not withstanding, they are recommended for termination. But they claim they are being framed, so will be mounting a vigorous defense. So it may only take a year or two to get rid of them. Good riddance!


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