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Friday, June 18, 2004

Not free to disagree, part 1

Leftist low-life John Aravosis (go ahead and email the scumbag) has decided that there is only one acceptable position for a homosexual to have on both gay marriage and the reelection of the Bush/Cheney ticket. Even if your father is on the ticket.

The result is a series of internet ads attacking Mary Cheney for working for the campaign and attempting to "compel" her to speak out against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Now I can understand Aravosis disagreeing with the campaign, but I find his attack on Mary Cheney repulsive. After all, haven't we repeatedly been told that homosexuals are "just like everyone else"? Doesn't this include disagreeing on policy issues? Or are homosexuals supposed to live in fear that their failure to act in lockstep with the "gay agenda" will result in a public shaming as disgusting as the use of the term "Uncle Tom for conservative blacks? In short, are we, as Americans, going to stand by and permit the leftists to infringe upon the human right of Mary Cheney and other conservative homosexuals to think for themselves?


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