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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Soviet-Style Mental Health Care for Conservatives

Al Gore can rant like a madman. Howard Dean can let rip with inarticulate roars. Bill Clinton can confess to sociopathic behaviors cause by his dysfunctional youth. But if you are a conservative, watch out!

Ask Wilson "Will" Taylor about what happens if you are a passionate Republican. Based only on the word of a causal acquaintance who had overheard his rant on the effects of high taxes on the elderly, Taylor was barred from entering city hall to speak to the mayor (whatever happened to the right to petition for the redress of grievances?) and involuntarily committed on an emergency basis "as a danger to himself and others" to a mental hospital for 13 days. Based on his politics and his passionate language, Dr. Mallikarajun Patta (lift his license quick) declared him "delusional, psychotic and perhaps bipolar", and suggested that he be committed to a state mental hospital for an indefinite term.

Only the intervention of Judge William Whitman has freed the Republican candidate for St. Joseph County Councilman from the threat of political reeducation through psychiatrists medication. And we thought this couldn't happen in America?

UPDATE: Part 2 -- It gets uglier, as false accusations, cops at the door and a lying doctor are used to get Taylor taken into custody, committed, and medicated under false pretenses.

UPDATE: Part 3 -- Hearing witnesses appear to contradict themselves on Taylor's dangerousness, need for involuntary commitment.

UPDATE: Part 4 -- Taylor is found not to be a threat to self or others, and probably never was. But the law may leave him no recourse.


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