Precinct 333

Friday, June 25, 2004

Some things just need saying.

Dems outraged that VP uses curse word on Senate floor that they support being used on television and radio, or in anti-Republican rants at Leftist rallies.

After a heated exchange over political charges and counter charges, Vice President Dick Cheney popped off at Senator Patrick Leahy, using the "F-word". The Senate was not in session at the time.

Which is worse -- directing the "F-word" at someone who is something of a peer during a heated discussion, or directing it at a public servant whose job it is to throw himself in front of a bullet directed at you because he didn't anticipate your direction on a snowboard (as John Kerry did)?

Oh, that's right, this is the sacred Senate floor, occupied by such fine individuals as Ted "I left Mary Jo underwater in the car 12 hours ago while I was drunk" Kennedy, Robert "I'm a Klansman and I'd rather the country be destroyed than fight to preserve it beside a nigger" Byrd, and Patrick "I don't care if it will cost the life of an agent, leaking this top secret info will make me look important" Leahy.

Perhaps most telling was the arrogance displayed by Leahy during one of his "Mommy!!!!!!! Dick said a dirty word!" interviews:
"I was here before Mr. Cheney, and I'll probably be here after he leaves. I'm more interested in how Vermonters feel about me."

If that were true, you wouldn't have run to the press and given all these interviews about something so petty, Pat.

The only thing Cheney has to apologize for is not having given the guy a good dressing down earlier. And the VP seems to agree with me, along with a number of senators.


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