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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Jerry Rubin -- Leftist Wuss Makes Faux Protest

Liberal activist Jerry Rubin is going on an anti-Nader hunger strike -- sort of. He is seeking to persuade the independent candidate Ralph Nader to drop out of the presidential race.
"I know Ralph Nader and I don't think he's doing the right thing," Rubin said Saturday, adding the consumer advocate's campaign is dividing the progressive political movement.

"Greens, progressives and Democrats are more divided how than they were in 2000 because of him," Rubin said.

And I was all prepared to offer some admiring words about Rubin's commitment, his willingness to "put his money where his mouth is", so to speak, until I came across the following sentence.
He said he plans to consume only herbal tea and juice until Oct. 9 and, after that, only water until Nov. 2 if Nader doesn't take a meeting with hi

What a wuss! What a wimp! Why aren't you going all the way, Jerry -- no food, no liquids, nothing at all -- until Nader drops out? Why don't you make it clear that you are serious about this by saying "Hey, Ralph! Your failure to drop out will result in your murder of Jerry Rubin?" Could it be that you now that Nader IS a serious candidate, with a serious message, and that you realize that by dropping out he would be selling out, just like you have, to the Democrat Party plutocratic elite?

Until you are willing to do a Bobby Sands hunger strike, stop trying to get face-time in the media!


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