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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Missed You Guys, But Needed Some Time And Space

It's been a busy time. Teaching during the day. Teaching at night. Trying to spend quality time with my beloved spouse and the four-legged furry person who calls us Mom & Dad. My posting frequency may decrease just a bit as I work to add a little balance to my life.

I've also had to stand back and look at what I've been writing. A lot of it is good. And a lot of it says what I feel very well. But from time to time I paint with a broad brush, and I sound like I think every liberal is the enemy. I don't believe that. Most are decent people -- our friends, neighbors, family members -- who have reached a different conclusion. Those are the people we need to try to reach, not attack. And to the degree we can engage in constructive dialogue with them, that is good for America and good for our own souls. Remember, the greatest of God's gifts is love.

Does that mean that there are not those whose words and actions make them a malign influence? No, it doesn't. Does that mean we shouldn't go on the offensive when necessary? Hardly. But it does mean that we have to remember that the political conflict we fight is one which is brother against brother, parent against child, and husband against wife. It doesn't profit us to win the policy battle if we destroy the people and relationships which should be central to our lives.

Ann Coulter has a new book out -- How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). In it she offers suggestions that conservatives need to make sure we aren't defensive, always outrage the enemy, and never apologize to, compliment, or show graciousness to a Democrat. That is bullshit. She seeks to remake conservatives into political jihadis who are the mirror image of the folks she claims to despise on the Left (and I doubt she even believes this crap, given her long relationship with Bill Maher). In other words, we must become what we hate to win. That is fundamentally wrong.

So to my Conservative readers, know that I'm not backing off on my principle if I try to dial back the rhetoric a notch or two. And to those on the Left, know that a more civil tone does not equate to weakness. What I am seeking to do hear is preserve the bonds that hold us together as a nation, as one people, and encouraging all to do the same.


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