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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Killers for Kerry

On September 9, an unidentified man interrupted a question and answer session following a screening of the film Stolen Honor, which honors POWs and notes John Kerry's role in making their imprisonment longer and subject to more pressure to betray their country like he did. He disputed the film and praised Senator Kerry

The man has now been identified.

He is Kerry campaign and Democratic National Committee staffer Wayne F. Smith, the Kerry campaign’s veterans outreach operation.

Old media accounts and "Stolen Valor," a 1998 book by Vietnam veteran B.G. Burkett, show that Smith, a Vietnam War medic, was sentenced to hard labor for being AWOL before his 1972 drug-related manslaughter conviction. Smith later obtained a college education and became executive director of the Justice Project, which attempts to use DNA evidence to exonerate unjustly convicted felons.

I think that says it all about Kerry's attitude towards veterans -- his outreach director is an AWOL convicted druggie and killer.

And yet there are still people out there who think Kerry has the judgement necessary to be president.


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