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Friday, February 11, 2005

More Inhumanity To Children

This event in North Lauderdale should horrify any person with so much as a scrap of a soul.

A newborn boy - believed to be less than an hour old - survived being thrown from a moving car onto a swale alongside a busy street Thursday afternoon, Broward County sheriff's officials said.

The car sped away, and investigators are seeking the parents of the eight-pound, two-ounce child whose umbilical cord was still attached when found by a woman passing by the scene.

Sheriff's spokesman Jim Leljedal said the unidentified woman who found the baby brought him to a nearby sheriff's office. The baby was taken to Broward General Medical Center, which upgraded his condition from critical to serious Thursday night.

"He's doing remarkably well and we're hopeful that he'll recover," Leljedal said.
Another sheriff's spokeswoman, Veda Coleman-Wright, said Thursday night that the boy is improving. It was unclear what injuries the baby may have suffered from being thrown. Investigators are searching for a white, older-model large sedan that eyewitnesses observed leaving the scene. The woman who rescued the baby - which was inside a small plastic bag when tossed from the car - said she observed a man and woman arguing inside the vehicle.

The baby was thrown from the passenger side of the vehicle, landing three or four feet away in the grass. When the Good Samaritan approached what she thought was a package, it began to move and she realized a baby was inside.

Are you sickened? Are you disgusted? Do you believe that those who did this are evil and deserve no mercy from our legal system?

And if you answered “yes” to the above, how can you rationalize that with support for the status quo on abortion in this country, which would have permitted the mother to have this little one’s life terminated by a physician only twenty-four hours earlier?

UPDATE: It seems the story is not true. The “Good Samaritan" is the mother, and she hid the pregnancy from family and friends. Details here, but my questions above still stand.


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